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Female reproductive system, Total Hysterectomy (surgical removal of the womb) for non-malignant (benign) conditions

  • Middle
    Hospital Fee
    2-Bedder $10,603 $12,071
    Single Room $12,686 $ $13,681
    Doctor Fee
    2-Bedder $11,779 $14,163
    Single Room $14,299 $17,712
    Total Fee
    2-Bedder $22,382 $26,234
    Single Room $26,985 $31,393

    The MIDDLE price is the 50th percentile of costs incurred where half of all patients would pay more and half of patients would pay less than this amount


    The HIGH price is the 80th percentile (upper quartile) of costs incurred whereby 1 in 4 patients would pay more than this amount


    The cost estimations are gained from information on hospital and doctors’ fees collected in the past one year. They are based on what patients have previously paid for these procedures. Cost estimations are not meant to suggest that these will be the fees to expect. The doctor will decide on the final professional fees.

    If a patient has medical complications or stays in the executive deluxe room or VIP suite, a bigger total bill size should be expected. Generally, the medical condition, type of treatment, length of stay, and doctors' fees will affect the actual bill size.

    * Prices are quoted in Singapore dollars and include 7% Goods and Services Tax (GST).

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