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True or False: Things You Should Know Before Your Next Workout


Whether you do it professionally, or are on a path to getting healthier, exercise is more than what you eat and how many squat reps you do a day. Working hard is important for sure, but when you combine that with working smart, you’ll definitely see better results in a shorter time. To make your training or workout sessions more effective, we’ve set out to debunk some exercise myths below through a mini quiz - how many of these do you know?

1. You will bulk up if you lift weights

Answer: False

Many people, especially women, avoid weights at the gym as they fear it could cause them to bulk up, but that’s a misconception. In fact, a good weightlifting session does wonders for your exercise regime. Lifting heavier weights helps to develop muscle tone and building strength, while lifting lighter weights for more reps builds endurance.

2. You will lose weight as long as you’re moving

Answer: False

We come across so much literature, how-tos, and exercise plans for losing weight, but they all boil down to a simple equation—calories consumed minus calorie expended. As long as you are burning more calories than you are eating (or drinking), your weight will drop. So instead of grabbing a pizza after exercising, thinking you’ve earned it, make sure to combine your workout regime with a healthy meal plan to see the pounds melt off!

3. Workouts can be effective even if they are short

Answer: True

If you’ve ever skipped a session at the gym because you just don’t have the time, here’s some good news: you don’t need to spend an hour on the treadmill for your workout to be effective. When it comes to working out, less is more—short but intense bouts of ex-ercise throughout the day may prove to be more efficient in the long run. Try out the Tabata Method, which is a high-intensity four-minute workout that’s equivalent to 45 minutes of regular cardio!

4. Avoiding carbs will help you lose weight

Answer: False

Low-carb diets can be effective when done right, but that doesn’t mean you should be avoiding them altogether. Completely cutting out carbs from your diet could impact negatively on your health and well-being, causing you to feel tired and nauseated, and making you unable to focus. Instead, switch out the simple carbs in your diet for com-plex carbs, which are found in foods like peas, beans, whole grains, and vegetables.

5. You should always eat before working out

Answer: True

Contrary to what most people think, skipping breakfast and heading straight to the treadmill in the mornings will not make your workout more effective. Exercising on an empty stomach will not force your body to burn more fat, but may even be detrimental to your health, as your body needs fuel in order to keep up with the intensity of your work out. Next time you’re thinking of heading to the gym, be sure to grab a healthy snack such as a banana or a low-fat yoghurt 45 minutes to an hour before!

6. You should do more than jogging to warm up or down

Answer: True

Warming up before exercising helps to reduce muscle soreness and injury. Cooling down after a workout helps to gradually regulate your heart rate and blood pressure. Both warming up and cooling down are crucial to a complete workout, but they are the part many people tend to skip. For maximum effect, combine 5 - 10 minutes of jogging before and after your exercise session with some stretching exercises.

7. It’s okay to skip a day or two

Answer: True

Whatever your goals for starting an exercise regimen, it is important to take a day off now and then. This helps to prevent overtraining and burnout, allowing your body time to recuperate. But that doesn’t mean you can overindulge on rest days. Keep meals healthy and light, as you’re expending less energy, and remember to stretch, which will help in relaxing your muscles in preparation for your next session at the gym!

This article appeared first on Yahoo Singapore.

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