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Family Health

Family Health
  • Family Matters

    Family health

    Family. They’re loves in our life at the centre of our world. Just as you wouldn’t compromise giving them the best of you, let us help you take care of their healthcare needs with the same unwavering dedication. At Gleneagles Hospital, our multidisciplinary team of specialists and nurses stand with you, on your side.

  • Caring for Children

    Children healthcare

    The days may sometimes be long, but the years are fleeting. Focus on making memories and count on our diverse team of specialists and paediatricians to help you look after your children’s healthcare needs. From sudden fevers to allergy flare-ups, tracking developmental milestones and discovering the root cause of more sinister concerns, you can count on us for the same uncompromising care and support you have for your children.

    Speak with any one of our paediatricians about your child’s health concerns today.

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  • Healthcare for Seniors

    Healthcare for Seniors

    As the seniors in the family enjoy their golden years, there will be times when they may need a little more tender loving care.

    At times, it could be the need to slow down active lifestyles to give their joints more rest, looking out for the heart, or eating well for better digestive health. Other times, it could involve adopting living better to keep diseases such as cancer at bay, or being sensitive to the natural hormonal or physical changes in the body that come with age.

    Ageing and Digestive Health

    As a person ages, their digestive tract may not work as efficiently as before. The muscles in the digestive tract become weaker, and many functions of the digestive tract will slow down. This makes older people more prone to certain digestive problems such as reflux, stomach pain, constipation, and haemorrhoids.

    Preventing Cancer

    Majority of the new cases of cancer are diagnosed among adults aged 60 years and above. This makes it very important to discuss cancer prevention with the senior members of the family.

    Speak with any one of our specialists about any health concerns your family members may have.

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  • Preventive Care

    Health screening

    As we focus on living life to the fullest and finding joy and fulfillment with friends and family, do include regular health screenings as part of the family’s lifestyle. The peace of mind that comes with a clean bill of health is priceless, but so is the assurance that any problems can be detected early for a better treatment outcome. This is why regular mammograms for breast lumps and colonoscopies for polyps can help reduce the impact of diseases like cancer.

    Speak with any one of our specialists about any health concerns your family members may have.

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