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  • What is Radiosurgery?

    Radiosurgery is a procedure that delivers accurate radiation beams to a tumour from many directions. These beams meet at the tumour site, delivering a high dose of radiation to a small area while reducing the risk of injury to the surrounding healthy tissues.

  • You may be given radiosurgery if you are unable to have surgery (ie. the elderly or very sick), or to slow down the growth of small, deep brain tumours that are hard to remove during normal surgery. You may also receive radiosurgery after surgery to treat any remaining abnormal tissue.

    Radiosurgery can be used to treat:

    • Brain tumours and metastases (tumours that have spread from the original tumour)
    • Head and neck, and nasopharyngeal (nose) tumours
    • Pituitary (hormone gland) tumours
    • Spinal cord tumours
    • Eye tumours
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