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  • Introduction

    Cancer is hard to deal with by yourself, but you don’t need to face it alone. When  you receive help from others, you might find it easier to cope with the life changing diagnosis. CanHOPE is a non-profit cancer counselling and support service that works closely with health professionals to offer a wide range of information about cancer. The aim is to help you, your relatives and your caregivers to make informed decisions about your treatment journey.

  • Although talking about cancer can be difficult, you may find that sharing your thoughts and feelings helps you to cope. The following support is available:

    • Emotional and social issues
    • Coping with cancer and treatment
    • Support group activities
    • Cancer counselling hotline and email
  • Eating well during cancer treatment is important. Nutrition advice teaches you and your family about diet plans and diet modifications, and shows you how to select and prepare food to nourish your body back to good health. This includes:

    • Nutrition screening
    • Individual dietary counselling
    • Nutrition workshops
    • Cooking classes
    • Resource development
  • The rehabilitation programme aims to improve your level of function, endurance and empowerment. It can include:

    • Upper and lower limb assessment
    • Prevention of fluid retention and tissue swelling (lymphoedema)
    • Exercise after cancer
    • Rehabilitation during treatment
  • Cancer often means that you and your family will need to make some changes in your lives to cope with the diagnosis. Awareness and support helps you to adjust to the changes brought about by your treatment. Education and coordination services include:

    • Treatment sideeffects
    • Assurance for treatment compliance
    • Reinforcement of doctor’s advice
    • Liaison between doctors, clinics, radiology centre and you
    • Translation service
    • Other coordination services
  • CanHOPE support groups consist of organised programmes that bring together individuals led by either a professional or peer leader. Most support group programmes share the goals of:

    • Promoting self-awareness
    • Providing fast and accurate information
    • Assisting with problem-solving strategies
    • Fostering mutual support among group members

    CanHOPE support offers you the chance to meet with doctors, dietitians and counsellors to discuss your care, from managing insomnia to finding peace through meditation.

    For further information, please contact CanHOPE at:

    Tel: +65 6738 9333

    Email: canhope@parkwaypantai.com

    Website: www.CanHope.org


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