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Coronary Angiogram

  • What is Coronary Angiogram?

    Coronary angiography is an invasive test used to visualise the coronary arteries that supply blood to your heart muscle. The procedure requires the injection of a special dye through a catheter (small tube) into the large artery in the groin or the wrist. The catheter is placed at the openings of the coronary arteries before the dye is injected.

  • Coronary angiography presents an effective way to accurately detect any narrowing or blockage in the coronary arteries and other abnormalities that may be present. It allows your doctor to determine the treatment that suits you best.

    Your doctor may request a coronary angiogram before your scheduled coronary angioplasty (ballooning) to visualise a route to guide the procedure and may also request the test to be done following a coronary bypass surgery (open heart surgery) to check if the grafts are still open.

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