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  • What is Discectomy?

    Discectomy is done to treat a herniated disc in the spine. The surgery is done to remove the fragment of disc that is causing the pressure on the nerve. Discectomy may be done as open surgery, or as keyhole surgery using a smaller incision.

  • When you have a herniated disc, a fragment of the normal spinal disc has moved. This fragment may press against the spinal cord or the nerves that surround the spinal cord, causing your symptoms. Surgery will relieve your symptoms.

  • Your goal of getting swift, accurate and effective treatment is our strength. Our skilled team of specialists and staff at Gleneagles Hospital is committed to placing your needs at the heart of all we do. Take your first step towards better health today, and experience the high-quality, customized healthcare that has been our legacy for more than 50 years.

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