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Lumbar Discectomy

  • What is a lumbar discectomy?

    Discectomy is a surgical procedure to treat a herniated disc in the spine, also known as 'slipped disc'. It involves the removal of the part of the disc that is putting pressure on the spinal nerve. The surgery can either be done as traditional open surgery or as a keyhole surgery, which uses smaller cuts and equipment designed for minimally invasive surgery techniques.

  • When you have a herniated disc in the spine (slipped disc), a part of the soft center has moved outwards and could be pressing against the spinal cord or any of the surrounding nerves. This causes pain (from mild to severe) and could also affect areas of your body that are connected to the spinal nerve the hernia is pressing on, including weakness, numbness, or paralysis. Discectomy is done to treat this medical condition and relieve you of your symptoms.

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