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In view of the evolving COVID-19 situation, we will be suspending on-site antenatal classes until further notice. Thank you for your understanding.

Antenatal Care/ParentCraft Classes

  • What is antenatal care/ParentCraft for pregnant women?

    Antenatal careAntenatal care (before birth) is designed to provide you with comprehensive information as you prepare for childbirth and parenthood. You need to attend antenatal check-ups and consultations so your doctor can monitor your pregnancy and guide you on how to remain healthy for you and your baby.

    There are also antenatal classes you may attend to learn about the following aspects of birthing and child care:

    • How to remain healthy during pregnancy
    • Understanding the birth process
    • Birthing techniques and positions
    • Breathing and relaxation techniques during labour
    • Pain management options
    • Newborn care
    • How to prepare for breastfeeding
  • Antenatal care classes will prepare you for your baby’s birth by teaching you:

    • Stages of labour
    • The labour process
    • Strategies to cope with labour (pharmacological & non-pharmacological)
    • Positions for labour and delivery
    • Postpartum recovery
    • Breastfeeding
    • How to look after your newborn

    Besides regular visits to your obstetrician, you are encouraged to attend classes to help you prepare for parenthood. You will be advised on practical issues while preparing psychologically for the arrival of your baby. A lactation consultant will give advice on breastfeeding and caring for your newborn baby. You will also be taught what to expect for your baby’s development and the changes in your body at every stage of your pregnancy.

  • Pregnancy, childbirth and becoming a new parent can be overwhelming. As an expectant parent, you need guidance and support from health professionals when it comes to preparing for childbirth. Thus, it is important to seek antenatal care to learn about how to have a healthy pregnancy, the birthing process, labour pain management, birthing options, and newborn care.

    Likewise, antenatal care can help to monitor your pregnancy and detect complications like gestational diabetes and hypertension. With early detection, your doctor can monitor, treat and help manage your condition effectively.

    Antenatal care should be given as soon as your pregnancy is confirmed. The sooner you start your antenatal care, the better for you and your baby.

  • As soon as your pregnancy is confirmed, your doctor will discuss with you the schedule of your antenatal care visits. Between the 8th and 12th week of pregnancy, most women go through their first antenatal visit. It is recommended to attend your antenatal check-ups regularly once a month until 28 weeks of pregnancy. After that, you have to see your doctor for antenatal care twice a month until 36 weeks of pregnancy. During the last 4 weeks of pregnancy, your antenatal visits should be done every week.

  • Gleneagles Hospital's ParentCraft Centre has a team of trained personnel to prepare you for childbirth and provide advice on confinement/postnatal care and caring for your newborn in areas such as bathing and breastfeeding. Individual (English & Mandarin) classes on childbirth preparation are available.

    For enquiries on ParentCraft services, please call: +65 6470 5852

    Monday – Friday: 9am – 5pm
    Saturday: 9am – 12pm

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