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Gleneagles Hospital Maternity Tour

    If you are an expectant mother, chances are that many questions are on your mind about what a hospital birth experience would be like.

    This virtual maternity tour will introduce you to our warm and expert staff members who will explain about some of the medical interventions and safety features available at our hospital.

    You will get to see the fully equipped and comfortable delivery suite and maternity ward that will be home to you and baby during your stay with us.

    At Gleneagles Hospital, we aspire to provide you with an easy and memorable birth experience that you will treasure always.

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  • How can I benefit from a maternity tour?

    The maternity tour is conducted to help you understand the maternity care and services you will receive when you give birth at Gleneagles Hospital. It will enable you and your partner to familiarise yourselves with the maternity services and to answer any questions you have about the facilities and the services provided.

  • What are the maternity rooms and packages available?

    Learn more about our room types and maternity packages at Gleneagles Hospital.

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    There are 30 SpecialistsView All