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Preconception Health Screening

  • What is preconception health screening?

    To have an uncomplicated pregnancy and a healthy baby, preparation needs to start before the pregnancy. Preconception care is becoming more important as many couples defer the age of childbearing into their thirties. Prepregnancy health status and lifestyles have an impact on the progress and outcome of your pregnancy.

    Preconception care aims to identify and modify medical, behavioural and social risks to your health or pregnancy outcome. The care usually involves risk screening, physical assessment, vaccinations and counselling. Your risk factors are evaluated in terms of your:

    • Potential for inherited genetic diseases
    • Exposure to environmental toxins and teratogens
    • Nutritional status
    • Use of tobacco, alcohol and recreational drugs
    • Medical conditions
    • Exposure to infectious diseases and vaccination status
    • Psychosocial concerns

    The screening is designed to fully evaluate and prepare you and your partner for a healthy pregnancy. This is an opportunity to resolve any existing health issues.

  • Preconception screening services are for women who are planning to become pregnant. This service is likely to include:

    • Detailed consultation
    • Review of medical history
    • Basic gynaecological examination
    • Breast examination
    • Weight (body mass index) analysis
    • Blood pressure
    • Papanicolaou (Pap) smear
    • Pelvic ultrasound
    • Medical report
    • Full blood count
    • Blood grouping
    • Hepatitis B screening
    • Diabetes screening
    • Rubella (German measles) antibody testing
    • Venereal disease screening
    • HIV (AIDS) screening
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