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General utility

  • room and services

    Hospital rooms and services

    Gleneagles Singapore Hospital offers quality patient rooms ranging from suites to single rooms and four patient beds.

  • Maternity Wards

    Obstetrics Area

    Our maternity ward rooms are specifically designed to meet the reproductive needs of women.

  • AE_v2

    Accident and emergency

    Call the 24-hour helpline +65 6470 5688 and +65 6470 5700 to immediately notify medical emergencies.

  • Surgery of the day

    Surgery of the day

    Keyhole incision and no-scalpel cataract surgery are performed in our day-room operating room, where patients receive excellent medical care and return home the same day.

  • icu_v2

    Department of intensive care (ICU)

    The intensive care unit (ICU) is located near the operating room and is dedicated to patients who need follow-up, intensive nursing care and complex respiratory support.

  • Surgery room

    Our operating room is optimized to perform complex surgeries, equipped with high-tech equipment such as positive pressure chambers and ceiling mounted devices.

  • endoscopy_centre-776_v2

    Endoscopic center

    Our endoscopy center is fully equipped to provide a range of diagnostic, therapeutic, and endoscopic procedures.

Center of Excellence

  • Cancer center

    Learn about the symptoms, screening options and treatments for common cancers, how you can reduce your cancer treatment costs, and where you can get emotional support to catch early recovery.

  • Digestive health

    Don't let stomach issues make you miss good meals. Find out the root causes of digestive problems and treatments that are appropriate for your condition.

  • Health care for women

    Learn about the reproductive and sexual health of women, as well as the common medical conditions that women experience. Our specialists in many specialties are available to help women meet their special health care needs.

  • Heart health

    Learning about heart diseases, symptoms and treatments, as well as early diagnosis will allow the therapist to advise you on how to manage heart health.

  • The liver, pancreas, gallbladder and bile duct

    The liver, pancreas, gallbladder and bile duct

    A team of doctors from a wide range of specialties provides comprehensive and flexible individualized care for disorders of the liver, pancreas, gallbladder and bile ducts.

  • Parkway Cancer Center

    Parkway Cancer Center

    Parkway Cancer Center uses the latest technologies in cancer treatment to help you access advanced, proven treatments for the best recovery results.

  • Sports health

    Sports health

    Our team of specialists provides comprehensive treatments and care for all emergencies related to orthopedic and complex recovery procedures.

Diagnostic and technology services

  • clinical laboratory

    Clinical test services

    Our testing specialists are committed to maintaining the highest standards of clinical testing, histopathology (tissue research) and genetic testing.

  • Health screening

    Health screening

    We offer a variety of health screening programs that are tailored to meet the needs of both individuals and employees of business organizations.

  • radiology

    X-ray services and imaging

    Our radiologists provide accurate diagnostic imaging reports to help physicians make the best treatment choices.

  • nutritious-food-geh_v2

    Nutrition and diet

    Our nutritionists provide customized, evidence-based nutrition care services to help patients improve their health performance and help healthy people reduce their risk of disease.