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Abalone Salad with Five Spices and Plum Dressing

Eating yu sheng (which literally means raw fish) is a tradition done every Chinese New Year. Singaporeans love to eat this dish as it is a symbol of abundance, prosperity and good fortune. Instead of always ordering this salad from hotels and restaurants, why not make your own healthy yu sheng this year?

Healthy Tips:

  • Opt for fresh ingredients instead of pickled foods to limit preservatives.
  • Substitute deep-fried rice noodles with bonito flakes and oven-baked croutons instead of fried wanton skin for a healthier alternative.
  • For a well-balanced meal, add capsicums and zucchinis.
  • Always ensure proper food hygiene. Wash hands prior to handling ingredients, watch out for cross-contamination (using different knives when handling cooked and raw foods) and do not keep any leftovers especially for chilled/raw food.


Infographic reviewed by Apple Chan, dietitian at Gleneagles Hospital

Recipe provided by Catan Tan, Group Executive Chef at Parkway Hospitals