Hospital Wards & Rooms

Rest and recover in a relaxing environment designed for your comfort. We offer a wide selection of private rooms and luxurious suites to meet your unique healing needs and lifestyle preferences.

Each of our rooms and suites comes with well-appointed amenities and personalised services to ensure you have a comfortable hospital stay.

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Gleneagles Hospital

Single Room

From $850

Room size: 24m2

Our Single Rooms provide personal space and comfort, so you can focus on your recovery in optimal privacy.

Single Signature Room

From $888

Room size: 31m2

Inspired by the verdant surroundings of the Singapore Botanic Gardens, our Single Signature Rooms provide a unique healing experience for our patients.

Single Heritage Room

From $938

Room size: 25.7m2 – 28.5m2

Our Single Heritage Rooms feature additional details for your comfort, such as air purifiers, water dispensers and smart room automation.

4-Bedded Room

From $280

Room size: 62m2

Designed with your personal space in mind, our 4-bedded rooms provide a comfortable hospital stay with dedicated care support.

Superior Room

From $1,119

Room size: 31m2

A soothing ambience awaits in our Superior Rooms, which are furnished with lifestyle features for enhanced comfort.

Executive Suite

From $1,411

Room size: 31m2

Exuding class and comfort, our Executive Suites offer exceptional value for patients seeking a restful hospital stay.

Executive Deluxe Suite

From $1,715

Room size: 43m2

Located among our VIP wards, our Executive Deluxe Suites are ideal for sophisticated guests who value luxury integrated with functionality.

Ardmore / Botanic / Cluny Suite

From $1,715

Room size: 52.4m2 – 56.2m2

Housed in our heritage wing, our Ardmore, Botanic and Cluny Suites deliver refined elegance to meet your lifestyle needs and more.

Dalvey Suite

From $1,715

Room size: 43m2

Suffused with warm light and uplifting colours, our Dalvey Suites welcome young patients into a cheerful haven for optimal recovery.

Dempsey Suite

From $1,916

Room size: 43m2

Impeccably designed with modern aesthetics and plush upholstery, our Dempsey Suite offers an urban oasis dedicated to your wellness and recovery needs.

Napier / Nassim Suite

From $3,480

Room size: 62m2

Named after our strategic location near the Singapore Botanical Gardens, our Napier and Nassim Suites bear all the hallmarks of a refined and restful stay.

Tanglin Suite

From $6,660

Room size: 100m2

Our lavish Tanglin Suite is the ideal home away from home for patients who seek personalised care in unparalleled luxury and security.

Gleneagles Suite

From $8,275

Room size: 119m2

Our namesake Gleneagles Suite pays tribute to our hospital's illustrious history since the 1950s and takes pride of place as our grandest VIP suite.

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