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A Guide to Haze Season in Singapore

A Guide to Haze Season in Singapore

Don’t let the haze keep you in a daze – Here’s the lowdown on health hazards and preventative measures.

Respiratory health

COVID-19 and Children

COVID-19 and Children: 12 Things to Know

While the COVID-19 outbreak ensues, here are some useful tips parents can consider when taking care of their children.

Children Respiratory health

Fever in babies

Fever in Babies: When Should You Be Worried?

Is your baby having a fever? Before you start panicking, read what our paediatrician has to say about how to deal with baby fever.

Accident & emergency Newborn & baby

Childhood Fevers

Fever in Children: Your Questions Answered

How to manage your child's fever at home and when it's time for a doctor.

Children Getting medical care

Oximeters and COVID-19 – Facts You Need to Know

Oximeter Readings and Blood Oxygen Levels

Oximeters can be a key tool to monitor blood oxygen levels and detect disease severity. Here are some basic facts you need to know.

Respiratory health

Understanding Long COVID

Understanding Long COVID: Symptoms and Recovery Tips

Some recovered COVID-19 patients continue to experience persistent symptoms. Learn more about the signs of long COVID, how it affects your body, and when you should seek help from a specialist.

Respiratory health

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