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Heart Valve Repair/Replacement Surgery

  • What is Heart Valve Repair/Replacement Surgery?

    There are four valves in your heart which act like doors to control the blood flow between the different parts of the heart. Valve problems can occur due to congenital abnormalities (present at birth), or they can be acquired later in life as a result of infections and degeneration. The affected valves can be repaired or replaced through Heart Valve Surgery.

    Valve repair consists of fixing as much as possible of the damaged valve without the use of artificial parts. If all efforts to repair the malfunctioning valve fail, your surgeon will replace the valve during the same procedure.

    The valve can be replaced using artificial valves (made of plastic or metal), or bioprosthetic valves (made of biological material from animal tissue), or an allograft valve (human valve tissue).

    During heart valve surgery, an incision down the middle of the chest is made and the breastbone is separated. Your surgeon will assess whether this procedure or a less invasive key-hole surgery (which allows the valve repair and replacement to be done through small incisions), is more suitable for you.

  • Heart Valve Repair/Replacement Surgery is used to treat patients of Valvular Heart Disease. Your doctor will evaluate the condition of your heart valves, and the decision on the need for heart valve surgery will be based on your symptoms and test results. The repair of the aortic valve (the valve between the aorta and the left ventricle) is crucial if it is narrowed or leaking. Abnormal functioning of the aortic valve can lead to heart failure due to insufficient blood supply to the heart muscle.

    If the damaged valve is successfully repaired through the heart valve surgery, you will benefit from decreased risk of infection, reduced need of blood thinners, decreased risk of stroke, conserved strength of your heart muscle, and most importantly, increased chance of long-term survival. If damaged valves are not repaired, heart disease or even death may result.

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