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  • What are Fractures?

    A fracture is a broken bone. Any bone in your body can break. A fracture is usually, but not always, the result of an injury.

  • A fracture occurs when the physical force you exert on the bone is stronger than the bone itself. Broken bones are most common in childhood, although you can fracture a bone at any age. Older people have more brittle bones (Osteoporosis) so are more likely than younger people to fracture a bone in a fall.

  • The symptoms of a fracture are:

    • Bone protruding from the skin (in an open fracture)
    • Deformity of the injured area (if a limb)
    • Loss of function in the injured area
    • Pain in the injured area
    • Swelling or bruising in the injured area
  • Treatment is usually to immobilise the affected bone. This can be done by surgery to ‘pin’ the broken bone together or by a cast to stop you moving the affected area. Bones can take six weeks or more to heal.

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