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Snapping Hip Syndrome (Painless Hip Clicking)

  • What is snapping hip syndrome?

    Snapping hip syndrome (also called dancer’s hip or iliopsoas tendinitis) is a painless, popping or clicking sound around the hip joint when moving. It often occurs in runners, soccer players and dancers and is most common in people aged 15 – 40 years. The condition is only an annoyance for most people but it can cause pain and weakness in some.

    The 3 types of snapping hip syndrome are:

    • Iliotibial band snap – the iliotibial band is a thick tendon over the outside of the hip joint
    • Internal – the iliopsoas tendon is the primary hip flexor muscle and the tendon of this muscle passes just in front of the hip joint
    • Intra-articular – tear of the cartilage within the hip joint
  • The causes of snapping hip syndrome include:

    • Difference in leg lengths
    • Ligament laxity (loose ligament)
    • Movement of muscle or tendon over a bony area
    • Prolonged exercise
    • Repetitive hip movements
    • Tight iliotibial band
    • Weakness in the muscles around the hip
  • Symptoms include:

    • A snapping sound
    • Noise around the hip joint when bending or extending your hip
    • Pain that eases with rest and reduced activities
  • Treatment usually involves:

    • Applying ice to reduce swelling
    • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
    • Reducing activity levels
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