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Dr Tan Choon Hian Roger

Dr Tan Choon Hian Roger
Dr Tan Choon Hian Roger
  • Roger Kidney Clinic


    6 Napier Road #04-16
    Gleneagles Medical Centre
    Singapore 258499

  • 專科

    • 肾内科
  • 資格

    • MBBS, National University of Singapore
    • Member of the Royal College of Physicians, United Kingdom
  • 口语能力

    • 英语


  • Dr Roger Tan graduated from the National University of Singapore in 1997 and was accredited as a specialist in renal medicine from Ministry of Health. As a Singapore renal specialist, or kidney specialist, Dr Tan has presented his research projects in various regional and international conferences.
  • With his in-depth understanding and experience in the use of immunomodulating medications, he has managed other types of immune-mediated kidney diseases including complex lupus nephritis and vasculitis IgA nephropathy etc. Dr Tan has a strong interest in peritoneal dialysis and has been invited to various regional centres (Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand etc) to share his experience and educate fellow renal physicians and trainees on all aspects of peritoneal dialysis. To improve the care for his dialysis patients, his team engaged the latest technology to enhance the medical care provided to the patients.
  • Dr Tan was the first renal physician in Singapore to acquire the skill to perform the peritoneal catheter insertion using peritoneoscopic techniques. This minimally invasive method not only shortened the length of hospital stay, it can also be performed on high risk group of patients whom general anaesthesia are contraindicated. In recent years, Dr Tan has expanded his research and clinical interest into renal bone diseases and haemodialysis and his dedication in his research work has rewarded him with the prestigious award - The Best Abstract Award in the 2nd Congress of International Society for Haemodialysis, Hong Kong in 2009.
  • Having the eagerness to teach and share his clinical knowledge and experience, Dr Tan has been invited to deliver lectures in many medical conferences locally as well as regionally. With a rising incidence of chronic kidney disease in Singapore, Dr Tan recently has been actively involved in educating the public in prevention and treatment of kidney diseases in many public symposiums.
  • Besides general nephrology, Dr Tan also subspecialises in dialysis, kidney transplant and CKD secondary to diabetes and hypertension. Moreover, he has keen interest in treating kidney conditions associated with auto-immune diseases, such as lupus nephritis (SLE).
  • In addition to chronic and acute kidney failures, Dr Tan also treats abnormal creatinine levels, autoimmune kidney disease, diabetes, electrolyte imbalance, glomerulonephritis, haematuria, hypertension, lupus kidney disease and proteinuria. He also performs blood group mismatch transplants, hemodialysis, high risk kidney transplants, re- transplants and peritoneal dialysis.


  • 2007, Best Abstract Award, 4th Asia Pacific PD College, Incheon, Korea
  • 2009, Best Abstract Award, 2nd Congress of International Society for Haemodialysis, Hong Kong, China