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Security Advisory

Security Advisory

In view of the rise in phishing scams and impersonation calls targeting consumers in Singapore, we would like to remind all our patients and visitors to stay vigilant against online fraud by observing these guidelines:

  • Beware of unsolicited SMSes, emails, phone calls or online advertisements purporting to be from IHH Healthcare Singapore that offer monetary rewards or ask you to reveal sensitive personal information. Our staff will never ask for your personal information, banking details or password via unsecured platforms (e.g. SMS and calls).
  • Do not respond to messages or phone calls that request for immediate payment, especially through direct transfer methods such as FAST, Western Union or cryptocurrency. Outstanding patients’ bill payments via credit card should be done only on our official IHH Healthcare Singapore e-payment portal.
  • Do not share or key in confidential information on unverified websites.
  • Do not click on links without verifying the authenticity first, even if they appear to be legitimate.

Please ensure that you are on a genuine IHH Healthcare Singapore website by using the direct links below:

Alternatively, you may access an array of medical services by downloading our MyHealth360 mobile app via App Store or Google Play.

To better protect your personal information, we have also stepped up our IHH Singapore Data Protection Notice and implemented security measures to safeguard electronic payment processing on our websites.

Look out for these security features to verify if it’s a genuine e-payment link:

  • The website uses the domain ihhhealthcare.com. Take note that phishing links may try to trick you by using similar URLs that contain IHH.

    payment security

  • The URL begins with https and shows a padlock symbol, which indicates that the data transmitted is encrypted according to the latest encryption standards.
  • The page shows a secure site seal by GlobalSign, the leading provider of trusted identity and security solutions.

    payment security

Remember: if you are in doubt or receive any suspicious SMS, email or call purporting to be from IHH Healthcare Singapore that is related to hospital bills and payments, please contact us at the following hotlines.

Mount Elizabeth Hospital:+65 6304 4423

Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital:+65 6933 0000

Gleneagles Hospital:+65 6470 5624 / +65 6470 5626 / +65 6470 5627

Parkway East Hospital:+65 6340 8622 / +65 6340 8625