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Athletes and Heart Disease

Athletes and Heart Disease: Why Does it Happen?

Highly active and fit individuals are not completely safe from heart conditions. Here’s why heart problems are seemingly common in fit people, and what you can do to reduce your risk.

Heart health Health screening Sports & exercise

How Likely Will You Get Breast Cancer?

How Likely Will You Get Breast Cancer?

Less than 10% of breast cancers are due to genetic predisposition. Dr Tan Yah Yuen explains how doctors calculate your risk of breast cancer, and what preventive options you have based on your risk.

Women's health Cancer prevention

Memahami Long COVID

Memahami Long COVID: Gejala dan Tips Pemulihan

Beberapa pasien yang telah pulih dari COVID-19 tetap mengalami gejala yang persisten. Kenali lebih jauh tanda-tanda long COVID, pengaruhnya pada tubuh Anda, dan kapan Anda harus memeriksakan diri ke spesialis.

Respiratory health

Pain in My Back

Pain In My Back: 4 Things You're Doing Wrong Everyday

Wang Yu Hui, Senior Physiotherapist at Mount Elizabeth Hospital, explains the possible causes of back pain and how to alleviate the ache with simple stretching exercises.

Bone health


Recipe: Chef Sam Leong's Spice of Life

Recreate Guest Chef Sam Leong's Spice of Life, a mouth-numbing spicy tofu dish with steamed rice mixed with assorted mushrooms.

Food & nutrition Post-surgery Happiness & mental wellness

What Is Sarcoma? How Rare Is It?

What Is Sarcoma? How Rare Is It?

Sarcoma is a rare, complex, and diverse cancer with over 70 different subtypes. Dr Richard Quek, medical oncologist at Mount Elizabeth Hospitals, explains more.

Bone health Children Cancer prevention


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When Does an Ovarian Cyst Become a Threat?

Kapan Kista Ovarium Menjadi Ancaman?

Pelajari lebih lanjut tentang efek nutrisi pada fungsi otak dan bagaimana Anda dapat memasukkannya ke dalam menu makanan anak Anda.

Getting medical care Women's health

Apakah Perlemakan Hati Berbahaya? 6 Mitos Tentang Perlemakan Hati

Apakah Perlemakan Hati Berbahaya? 6 Mitos Tentang Perlemakan Hati

Perlemakan hati adalah penyakit di mana Anda memiliki lemak tambahan di hati Anda. Apakah ini kondisi yang jarang? Apakah hanya mempengaruhi peminum alkohol?

Gut health Alcohol consumption

Masalah Gelembung

Masalah Gelembung: Apa yang Perlu Anda Ketahui Tentang Kista Ginj

Bisa menjadi kekhawatiran saat mengetahui Anda memiliki kista ginjal, terutama karena kondisi ini tidak selalu disertai gejala. Dr Tan Yau Min menjelaskan apa yang perlu Anda ketahui.

Getting medical care

Meet our People: Dr Ivan Tham

Dr Ivan Tham gives us a glimpse of his role as a radiation oncologist at the Mount Elizabeth Proton Therapy Centre and tells us what keeps him motivated at work.

Getting medical care Medical technology

Postpartum Belly: Is It a Concern?

Having a belly bulge that still makes you look pregnant months after childbirth is not just a matter of residual pregnancy weight. You may have diastasis recti.

Women's health Post-pregnancy Pregnancy Newborn & baby Labour & delivery

Treating Skin Cancer with Mohs Surgery

Treating Skin Cancer with Mohs Surgery: 10 FAQs Answered

Most skin cancers are curable when diagnosed early. Read on to learn more about Mohs micrographic surgery and how it is effective in treating skin cancer with minimal scarring.

Getting medical care Medical technology Skincare