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Maternity Guide

    Congratulations and welcome to the start of a fulfilling journey to parenthood with Gleneagles Hospital.

  • Overview

    • Childbirth is an experience like no other – for you and your family. As you step into this wondrous journey of parenthood, Gleneagles Hospital has a team of healthcare professionals, services and facilities to give you support, knowledge and peace-of-mind.

      Nothing makes us feel happier when you feel at complete ease and assurance during this phase of your life, as our multidisciplinary team of obstetricians, nurses, lactation consultants and nutritionists commit ourselves to fulfilling your every need at every step of the way.

      Click here to view maternity packages, or read up more on pregnancy health. Below are some topics you may find useful as you journey through your pregnancy term.

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  • Maternity Tour

    • Maternity tours are conducted to help you and your partner learn more about the facilities and services offered at our hospital, so that you will be better prepared for delivery upon admission.

      View our maternity wards and the facilities you will enjoy, together with our value-added services.

      Maternity tours are conducted:
      Monday – Friday: 1pm
      Saturday: 11am and 1pm
      Tours will not be conducted on Sunday and Public Holiday.

      Advance booking for tours is required. For enquiries and reservation, please call:

      Gleneagles Hospital customer service
      Tel: +65 6470 5615 during office hours

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  • Maternity Packages

    • Package Description Package Price in S$
      (with GST)
      Normal / Assisted Delivery
      Tanglin suite (2 days) 18,075
      Executive suite (2 days) 8,674
      Superior room (2 days) 6,219
      Single room (2 days) 3,775
      2-bedded room (2 days) 2,610
      Normal / Assisted Delivery with Epidural
      Tanglin suite (2 days) 18,075
      Executive suite (2 days) 8,674
      Superior room (2 days) 6,219
      Single room (2 days) 4,274
      2-bedded room (2 days) 2,891
      Single room (3 days) 5,190
      2-bedded room (3 days)  3,494
      Caesarean Delivery (Elective) with General Anaesthesia / Epidural
      Tanglin suite (3 days) 23,920
      Executive suite (3 days) 12,168
      Superior room (3 days) 9,807
      Single room (3 days) 6,032
      2-bedded room (3 days) 4,347
      Caesarean Delivery (Elective) for Twins, with General Anaesthesia / Epidural
      Tanglin suite (3 days) 24,856
      Executive suite (3 days) 13,728
      Superior room (3 days) 11,388
      Single room (3 days) 7,488
      2-bedded room (3 days) 5,720

      Maternity packages

      Value-Added Services

      The following value-added services will be included when you choose to deliver with us under any of these packages.

      Value-added services Tanglin Suite Package Executive Room Package Superior Room Package Single Room Package 2-Bedded Room Package
      Complimentary baby bath (1 session)        
      Complimentary postnatal lactation consultation (within 1 month of baby's birth at ParentCraft Centre)*        
      Group ParentCraft class (during hospital stay)
      Baby metabolic screening    
      Newborn hearing screen
      BCG and hepatitis B vaccination (1st dose)
      Basic baby screen (package of blood tests to test for G6PD (glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase) deficiency and to determine ABO blood type and TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) levels
      Bilirubin test for baby
      In-room mini bar    
      A la carte menu      
      Confinement menu
      Celebratory dinner (2 pax)    
      Celebratory cocktail party Max 10 pax Max 6 pax Max 6 pax    
      Complimentary 15 min head and shoulder massage (for mother)  
      Parking charges for one vehicle (complimentary for length of stay of package)  

      *By appointment only. Please call Gleneagles ParentCraft Centre on 6470 5852 to schedule an appointment

      Please note:

      • The above packages are for normal procedures and items commonly used by doctors only. Complications and extended length of stay will result in the use of additional medical supplies, medication and/or procedures. Histology, radiology, blood tests, cultures, occupational therapy (OT) assistant fees and surcharges are not included in the package prices. All additional amounts to the estimates/packages will be billed to the patient.
      • The above packages are for hospital charges only and do not include doctors’ professional fees.
      • Gleneagles Hospital reserves the right to amend all package rates quoted without prior notification.
      • The above charges are subject to prevailing GST rates and correct at time of press.

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  • ParentCraft Services

    Gleneagles ParentCraft Centre has a team of trained personnel to prepare you for childbirth and provide advice on confinement/postnatal care and caring for your newborn in areas such as bathing and breastfeeding. Group and individual classes on childbirth preparation are available.

    For enquiries on ParentCraft Services,
    Please call: +65 6470 5852
    Monday – Friday: 9am – 5pm
    Saturday: 9am – 12pm

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  • Pre-Registration for Admission

    • We encourage pre-registration for admission as soon as you have decided to have your baby at Gleneagles Hospital. Pre-registration allows you to be admitted directly to the delivery suites when you arrive for the birth of your baby.

      Pre-registration can be carried out at the Gleneagles Hospital admission counter (located at the lobby of Gleneagles Hospital on level 2). This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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  • What to Bring for Your Hospital Stay

    We encourage you to bring the following items upon admission:

    • Documents including your NRIC / passport, doctor's referral letter, maternity bed reservation form, insurance card / letter of guarantee (if any)
    • Personal sleepwear (front-open types for easier breastfeeding)
    • Nursing bra
    • Cardigan
    • Bedroom slippers
    • Your preferred brand of sanitary napkins
    • Undergarments
    • A set of clothing for discharge for both mother and baby

    It is advisable to pack your bag to be ready for admission about 2 – 3 weeks before your baby’s estimated date of delivery (EDD).

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  • Birth Registration

    Birth registration can be carried out at the admission counter within 14 days of your baby’s birth. The following documents will be required:

    • Original marriage certificate
    • Identity cards / passports of parents
    • Notification of live birth (which will be given to you by the hospital upon your baby’s birth)

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  • Delivering in Singapore (for foreign patients)

    If you wish to have your baby at Gleneagles Hospital and require assistance for the application for your permit, extension of visa or birth registration of your newborn, please call:

    The Gleneagles Hospital patient assistance centre 24-hour helpline: +65 6575 7575

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