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    Living Donor Kidney Transplant (LDKT)

    • Understanding the procedure

      Living Donor Kidney Transplant (LDKT)

      Living donor kidney transplant (LDKT) is a surgical procedure that involves the transplant of a kidney from a living person (the donor) to a patient with end-stage kidney failure (the recipient). Our multi-disciplinary team of specialists, skilled nephrologists and urologists, and specialised nursing staff are experienced in transplanting the donor’s kidney into the recipient’s lower pelvis, often without the removal of the recipient’s own kidneys. The donor does not have to be genetically related to the recipient.

      To ensure a better survival outcome, your specialist will first need to determine if you and the donor are suitable candidates for LDKT. The surgery can be scheduled as soon as you are both deemed fit enough to undergo the procedure.

      Our LDKT programme offers open and laparoscopic surgeries and surgical interventions including acute and chronic disease management, end-stage disease management and kidney transplantation.

    • A successful LDKT can save your life if you are suffering from end-stage kidney failure. It fulfils our ideal goal to free you from long-term dialysis and enables you to resume a normal and active lifestyle. Living donor transplant also offers many advantages including:

      • Better quality of life as the transplant can be scheduled at a time when you are at a healthier state
      • Better survival outcomes
      • Higher success of getting a transplant and shorter waiting time, as compared to a cadaveric donor transplant

      Since 1993, more than 500 successful kidney transplantations have been carried out on our patients, with the majority in the fourth and fifth decades of their life.

    • High-quality, customised healthcare has been our legacy for more than 50 years. Our skilled team of specialists and staff at Gleneagles Hospital is committed to your goal of getting swift, accurate and effective treatment. Enquire to find out more.

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