Cardiothoracic Surgery - Overview

What is cardiothoracic surgery?

Cardiothoracic surgery is a type of specialty surgery that involves procedures on the organs in the chest cavity (thorax), such as the heart, aorta, lungs and oesophagus.

These surgical procedures include open-chest operations, thoracoscopic procedures and robotically-assisted surgeries.

A cardiothoracic surgeon is a specialist who surgically treats conditions of the organs in the thorax.

Differences between cardiothoracic surgeons and cardiologists

While cardiothoracic surgeons are trained in a surgical specialty, cardiologists are trained in internal medicine. As part of your heart team, they work closely together on the various aspects of your care.

A cardiologist specialises in the diagnosis and medical treatment of heart disease. They may also perform minor surgical procedures such as angioplasty and stenting, cardiac ablation and pacemaker implantation.

Your cardiologist will refer you to a cardiothoracic surgeon if you need complex surgery, such as a coronary artery bypass or heart valve repair.

The cardiothoracic surgeon will manage your care directly after your surgery, in consultation with your cardiologist. Once you are discharged, your cardiologist will typically take over for your long-term care.

Our approach

At Gleneagles Hospital, our team of cardiothoracic surgeons are known for their expertise in treating complex heart conditions.

Our cardiovascular team at Gleneagles Hospital offers a range of sophisticated treatment options and surgical procedures such as minimally-invasive heart surgery and video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery (VATS).

Heart patients benefit from our hospital's use of med-tech innovations that combines robot-assisted instruments with high-resolution video technology in cardiac treatments.

From preventive screening for congenital and hidden heart disorders to timely medical interventions, we offer a comprehensive range of services to safeguard your cardiac health.

Why choose Gleneagles Hospital?

At Gleneagles Hospital, our cardiology team partners with more than 300 specialist doctors across multiple disciplines to prioritise your care and treatment.

Embark on your journey to recovery in the comfort and privacy of well-appointed rooms staffed by our dedicated team of professional nurses and therapists.

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