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Urinary & Reproductive System (Urology)

  • Introduction

    Urinary & Reproductive System (Urology), Gleneagles

    The urinary tract is made up of organs like the kidneys, ureters, bladder and the urethra. Urology is the study of the urinary tract and the reproductive system of males. The urinary system in males overlaps with their reproductive system, hence its inclusion in urology. There are different specialisations within urology, such as urologic oncology, which is the focused study of malignant diseases within the genital region such as prostate cancer and bladder cancer, and paediatric urology, which is the study of urologic disorders in children.

    • Andrology
    • Erectile dysfunction
    • Male infertility
    • Kidney, urethra and bladder – general urology
    • Paediatric urology
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    There are 14 SpecialistsView All