Voice Therapy

What is voice therapy?

Voice therapy is a technique administered by a speech therapist to treat voice disorders.

Voice disorders may develop from overuse and/or misuse of voice, changes during puberty, paresis of vocal cords, and/or other medical conditions. Some common symptoms of voice problems include hoarseness, breathy and raspy voice, loss of ability to attain some high notes while singing, or reduced loudness in voice.

Speech therapists are specialists with the knowledge and experience to evaluate, treat and support individuals with voice problems.

Voice Therapy

Why do you need voice therapy?

By promoting proper voice use, reducing vocal strain, and improving vocal function, voice therapy can help individuals to achieve improved voice quality, reduced discomfort, and better overall communication skills.

Common voice-related conditions that voice therapy can treat include:

  • Hoarseness
  • Vocal cord paralysis
  • Vocal cord lesions / growths
  • Vocal cord dysfunction
  • Muscle tension dysphonia

You may also be recommended to visit a voice therapist if you frequently experience one or more of the following:

  • You are often asked to repeat what you say
  • You have to make a great deal of effort to use your voice
  • You are unable to control the clarity of your voice
  • You have a hoarse/raspy/breathy voice even when you are not sick
  • You avoid social gatherings because of your voice
  • You often get asked: “What is wrong with your voice?”

At Parkway Rehab centres, our voice therapy services include:

  • Education and counselling
  • Voice assessment and therapy
  • Before and after voice surgery

Why choose Gleneagles Hospital?

At Gleneagles Hospital, we offer quality rehabilitation services in Singapore and the region.

We provide rehabilitation services such as voice therapy, speech language therapy, podiatry, prosthetics and orthotics, and home care services for patients of all ages.

Our specialist doctors and team of rehabilitation therapists adopt a holistic approach to ensure our patients receiving speech-language therapy receive prompt assessment and follow-up therapy treatment.

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