Gastro-oesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) - FAQ

Frequently asked questions

A: Most moderate to severe GERD cases take 6 – 12 weeks to resolve. GERD can be permanently cured through lifestyle changes, prescription medications or surgery. Your doctor will recommend the most suitable treatment based on your condition.

A: You may make several dietary and lifestyle changes to try and treat your GERD without using medications.

A: GERD is one of the most common reasons why you might experience a persistent cough. If you have a GERD-induced cough, you are less likely to experience other symptoms, such as heartburn.

Your chronic cough may be caused by GERD if you:

  • Cough mostly at night
  • Cough mostly after a meal
  • Cough frequently while you are lying down
  • Cough even when your chest X-rays are normal
  • Do not have other common causes of coughing, such as smoking or taking medications

If you suspect that you are experiencing GERD cough, you should make an appointment with a doctor for a diagnosis.

A: The most common pain caused by GERD is heartburn or chest pain. Some people experience it with such intensity that they worry it could be a heart attack. However, GERD chest pain usually feels like it is under your skin and seems to radiate from your stomach.

To alleviate pain related to heartburn, try:

  • Loosening your belt and waistbands
  • Chewing on over-the-counter antacids
  • Sitting upright.

A: GERD is a chronic condition that may cause symptoms for weeks or months.

A: Yes, GERD can cause shortness of breath if stomach acid creeps up your oesophagus and enters your lungs. This can:

  • Irritate your airways, especially during sleep
  • Trigger asthmatic reactions.

A: Compared to GERD, anxiety is a more likely cause of heart palpitations.

However, your GERD can indirectly cause heart palpitations if your symptoms and discomfort have been making you feel anxious.

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