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  • Gleneagles -Sitefinity

    Room Rates

    Our diverse range of quality accommodation starts from $260 for a 4-bedded room.

  • Gleneagles Singapore, Estimated Bill Size

    Estimated Bill Size

    Cost estimates of standard procedures based on a statistical average of hospital bill sizes from past admissions, barring any complications.

  • Gleneagles Singapore Insurance Coverage

    Insurance Coverage

    Our patients can use Medisave and Medisave-approved Integrated Insurance Plans to pay for their hospital charges.

  • Gleneagles Singapore Bill Settlement

    Bill Settlement

    Our accepted modes of payment include cash, cheque, NETs, Medisave and any major credit cards.

  • Gleneagles Singapore Financial Counselling

    Financial Counselling

    You are entitled to financial counselling and an estimate of your hospital bill at the time of your admission, as required under the Private Hospitals and Medical Clinics Act.

  • Gleneagles Singapore Packages


    A list of our available medical packages