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Orthopaedic Rehabilitation

  • What is Orthopaedic Rehabilitation?

    A wide range of rehabilitation services is available to restore physical, mental and life skills for patients who may have reduced function in their daily activities. These services include physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech-language therapy to provide the most complete healthcare experience possible.

    Occupational Therapy

    Occupational therapy uses activities to help you deal with everyday tasks that have become challenging because of physical disability. Such disability may be caused by neurological (brain and nerves), orthopaedic (bones and muscles), medical, surgical or other conditions.

    Occupational therapy includes:

    • Hand/upper limb therapy for people who have hand fractures, congenital deformities, tendinitis, or nerve, ligament, or tendon injuries
    • Splints and orthosis to make customised splints for upper and lower limbs, neck and spine
    • Neuro-rehabilitation programme to maximise recovery potential by working closely with the patient, family members and caregivers to achieve the highest level of independence
    • Home evaluation/modifications to help patients overcome physical barriers within and outside the home, including use of equipment or appliances to enhance patient safety and mobility
    • Aids/appliances prescription to provide the most suitable aids or appliances such as wheelchairs, commode chairs or raised toilet seats for maximum independence at home
    • Oedema/lymphoedema management to provide manual lymph drainage for swelling of the limbs, which can hinder function and cause contracture (shortening or tightening of muscles, tendons, or other tissues)


    For patients with health problems due to injuries or diseases, physiotherapy helps them regain their health through the use of physical movements and exercises, and mechanical force.

    Physiotherapy includes:

    • Back/neck care to shorten the recovery time and decrease the chance of back pain becoming chronic
    • Treatment of sports injuries, including sprains and strains of ligaments and muscles (eg. tennis elbow, ankle strain and knee joint strain) and intensive rehabilitation after orthopaedic surgery (eg. rotator cuff repair or anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction)
    • Arthritis management to alleviate pain and discomfort during acute flare-ups of arthritis
    • Post-orthopaedic surgery management through a multi-disciplinary postoperative rehabilitation programme to help regain full function
    • Cardiorespiratory physiotherapy to help people with lung problems (especially after surgery) and with those who are undergoing prolonged bed rest
    • Neuro-rehabilitation which includes a comprehensive exercise regimen for the limbs and trunk to help you maximise and regain normal muscle movement and function
    • Vestibular (balance) rehabilitation, an exercise-based programme to minimise dizziness, improve balance and prevent falls by restoring normal function
    • Craniosacral therapy, a gentle therapy to help manage acute and chronic pain and joint misalignment
    • Visceral manipulation to encourage normal mobility, tone and motion of the organs and their connective tissues
    • Dry needling to relieve muscle tightness (spasm) by changing its neuromuscular control
    • Pre-natal programme, an educational/exercise programme to teach skills for pregnancy, labour and childbirth

    Speech-Language Therapy

    Speech-language therapists help patients with communication and swallowing disorders to improve their quality of life. It includes swallowing, speech, language, voice and resonance, fluency and a neuro-rehabilitation programme.

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