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Dr Lai Wai Kwan Vincent

Dr Lai Wai Kwan Vincent
Dr Lai Wai Kwan Vincent
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    • Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, University of Sheffield, UK
    • Member of the Royal College of Physicians of the United Kingdom
    • Doctorate of Philosophy, University of Birmingham, UK
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Trình độ

  • Dr Vincent Lai is a gastroenterologist practising at Gleneagles Hospital, Singapore. His clinical interests include liver failure, viral hepatitis (liver inflammation) and liver transplantation. He is trained in therapeutic endoscopy and endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP), whereby imaging of internal organs aid the treatment of gastrointestinal and liver conditions.
  • Dr Lai attained his Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery at the University of Sheffield, UK in 1993. He then pursued 5 years of specialist training in gastroenterology (stomach and intestine) and another 5 years of subspecialty training in hepatology (liver, gall bladder and bile duct) at the University of Birmingham, UK. During his time at one of the largest liver transplant units in Europe, he gained much exposure to general and transplant hepatology, particularly the management of acute liver failure and viral hepatitis.
  • Dr Lai was accredited by the Specialist Accreditation Board in gastroenterology in England in 2006. He then attained his Doctor of Philosophy degree from the University of Birmingham, UK in 2007, with his research on investigating liver immunity in viral hepatitis. Dr Lai was also actively involved in the care of patients with acute liver failure and liver dialysis during this period.
  • Dr Lai was a consultant hepatologist at the Derby Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust from 2006 – 2008, where he contributed to the development of viral hepatitis services. During his tenure, he was actively involved in medical research and was awarded a grant from the Trust to study patients with liver infection.
  • In his practice in Singapore, Dr Lai has been actively involved in both cadaveric and living donor liver transplantation.
  • His research interests include the adaptive and innate immunity in patients with liver disease, particularly in patients with viral hepatitis and liver failure. He has published extensively in the areas of viral immunology and acute liver failure.

Khen thưởng

  • Midland Gastroenterology Society Astra prize (2005)
  • Young Investigator award, European Association for the Study of the Liver (2004)
  • Travel award, American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases (2004)
  • Travel award, British Association for the Study of the Liver (2004)