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Dr Yip Chin Ling William

Dr Yip Chin Ling William
Dr Yip Chin Ling William
  • International Clinic & Adolescent

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    6A Napier Road #02-43/44
    Gleneagles Annexe Block
    Singapore 258499

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    6471 1697
  • International Baby Child & Adolescent Specialist Clinic

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    38 Irrawaddy Road #06-56/57
    Mount Elizabeth Novena Specialist Centre
    Singapore 329563

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    6734 4289
  • Chuyên khoa /Quan tâm chính

    • Nội khoa nhi
  • Bằng cấp

    • Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, University of Singapore
    • Master of Medicine, University of Singapore
    • Diploma in Child Health, Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, London, UK
    • Fellow of the Academy of Medicine of Singapore
    • Doctor of Medicine, National University of Singapore
    • Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, Edinburgh, UK
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    • Tiếng Anh

Trình độ

  • Dr William Yip is a paediatric cardiologist currently practising in Gleneagles Hospital, Singapore. Dr Yip is one of the few doctors in Singapore trained in both paediatric medicine and cardiology. His special interest is in interventional cardiology in congenital heart diseases, such as Fallot’s tetralogy, ventricular septal defect and atrial septal defect, as well as foetal cardiology and electrocardiology.
  • Dr William Yip has more than 40 years of experience as a doctor. He was responsible for the development of the echocardiography and interventional cardiac procedures in the University Department of Paediatrics at Singapore General Hospital and the National University of Singapore.
  • Dr Yip was formerly appointed as an associate professor of paediatrics, Department of Paediatrics, National University of Singapore, and the head of the Division of Paediatric Cardiology at National University Hospital. He remains an adjunct professor at the National University of Singapore and a visiting consultant paediatric cardiologist, Department of Paediatrics, National University Hospital, Singapore.
  • Dr Yip performed the first series of balloon valvuloplasty and angioplasty, device occlusion of patent arterial ducts, secundum atrial septal defects and ventricular septal defects, foetal echocardiography and intraoperative transoesophageal echocardiography in Singapore.
  • Dr Yip has taught paediatric cardiology to undergraduate and postgraduate students in his position as a clinical teacher at the National University of Singapore. He has also proctored paediatric cardiologists in transoesophageal echocardiography and interventional procedures, and taught foetal echocardiography to paediatric cardiologists and obstetricians.
  • Dr Yip been frequently invited to lecture in international and regional medical seminars and conferences. In recognition of his contribution in the field of paediatric cardiology, Dr Yip was awarded the 2009 Singapore Cardiac Society Lectureship.
  • He has represented Singapore as an active participant of Asia Pacific Society of Paediatric Cardiology under the Asia Pacific Congress of Cardiology in the past 20 years and was the organising chairman for the 2004 Meeting in Singapore. Dr Yip has also represented Singapore at the Asia Pacific Society of Paediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery in Bangkok since 2006.
  • Dr William Yip helped to establish the Adult CHD (congenital heart disease) Service in the National University Hospital in January 2004. He is a founding member, country delegate and senior advisor to the Asian Pacific Society of Adult Congenital Heart Disease. He has published 191 research papers in international and regional medical journals, 254 conference papers and 14 books/chapters/thesis in cardiology and paediatric topics.